My Songs

These are some "demos" that I put together a while back. I use the scare quotes because I never actually shopped them around, which is what you're really supposed to do with a demo; it's what actually makes a recording a demo.

These songs are original, and I retain sole legal right to benefit by them until and unless I explicitly make clear otherwise.

That being said, I'm not entirely sure how I intend to approach benefiting by them should I so choose. For the moment, I've chosen to make them available in MP3 files that are slightly lower quality than most people would want them in order to keep my options open in terms of making higher-quality versions available for sale at some future point.

Once I have a better idea of how I intend to proceed, I will likely establish some limited rights governing rebroadcast and use in third party projects, and document those rights at Check back here for further details, but be sure to check out the introductory flash presentation at (choose the "learn more" link, and then the "get creative" link) if you haven't. It's short, entertaining, and really eye-opening in terms of where intellectual property rights are going.

Thanks for your interest. I hope you enjoy the songs.

Comments, business proposals, gratuitous flattery, and lewd offers should be directed to

My Songs: Working Man (A Tribute To The Guys In The Shop)
  Temptation (She Don't Know)
Jessie's Out Late Tonight